1. Conducting trademark search in CTMO database and providing registrability advice

2.Preparing and filing trademark applications in China

3.Prosecution of trademark applications in China

4.Handling trademark oppositions, review, cancellations, and invalidations

5.Preparing and recording assignments and trademark licenses

6.Renewal of trademark registrations in china

1.Applicant's name and address in English and Chinese

2.Applicant's nationality

3.Scanning copy of ID Card or Certificate of Corporation Registration

4.Trademark Pattern (for a figurative mark, Image data - JPEG (full color), 200dpi, 1000x1000 dots or less, or GIF or BMP, 400dpi, 2362x2362 dots or less)

5.Goods and/or Services

6.(Optional) Priority application number, date, and country

7.(for item 6) Priority certificate (within one month from the filing date of the Chinese application)

1.Trademark express-search (Data base of CTMO):free

2.Trademark Search Report:100

  ——Extra class of Nice Classification:50

3.Filing an application, including:

  ——preparation of application, correspondence with CTMO, forwarding certificate:125

  ——official fee for accepting an application (within 10 items of goods or services in one class), substantive examination, publish and registration:100

  ——official fee for extra class of Nice Classification:100

  ——official fee for extra item of exceeding 10 items of goods or services in one class:10

4.Filing an review application,including

  ——our services:400

  ——official fee:250

5.Application for modification in the application and registration stage, including

  ——our services:100

  ——official fee:80

6.Application for reissuance a Registration Certificate, including:

  ——our services:100

  ——official fee:160

7.Renewal of a Trademark, including:

  ——our services:120

  ——official fee:320

8.Registration of the transfer of trademark rights, including

  ——our services of preparing bilingual contract and for all registration proceeding:200

  ——official fee:160

9.Filing opposition application against a published trademark, including

  ——our services:400

  ——official fee:160

10.Filing application for trademark cancellation or invalidation, including

  ——our services:400

  ——official fee:160

11.Filing an answer against trademark dispute application:400

Filing Trademark Application——30 days——>Completing Formality Examination——8 months——>Completing Substantive Examination——>Publish——3 months——>Registered——2 months——>Issuing Registration Certificate


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