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We have a team of qualified and experienced in-house legal consultants who specialize on the legal aspects of trademark services.
We seek to provide professional effective and reliable trademark services at an affordable rate.
We are a transparent firm.
All procedures and fees for trademark registration and other services are listed in the website.

Free comprehensive trademark search provided

Free comprehensive trademark search provided

Scales for Registrablility
Scales of distinctiveness
Scales of Confilict marks
Legal opinion
Professional suggestion


Full English complete CTMO classes form

Full English complete CTMO classes form

You can use our complete trademark classes form to search every item description, item number as well as similar group conveniently.


All document provided along with English translation

All document provided along with English translation

Whether the filing document, official receipt, registration certificate or any official notifications, are all sent together with English translation.

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First Class Service

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We've helped thousands of clients from more than thirty countries in the world.

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We continuously pursue greater value and lower prices.

Trademark Review

$ 500

  • Professional analysis
  • Draft petition
  • File petition for review
  • Forwarding examination result


Trademark Registration

$ 225

  • Comprehensive trademark search
  • Preparation of the application
  • File trademark application
  • Forwarding Trademark Certificate
  • Ten years Monitor services


Trademark Renewal

$ 425

  • Preparation of the renewal
  • File renewal application
  • Forwarding renewal Certificate


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